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Multi-ply Auto Cutter KMC

The cutting head designed as KM original has the excellent cutting quality, and achieved to make over-haul maintenance time drastically shorter.(Patent pending)

​Belt type of sharpener is equipped with, as the most important device to keep the best condition of knife edge.

​Knife edge auto-measurement sensors catch the exact knife width after every sharpening, and assist the precision cutting.

​By Vacuum pressure preservation system, the pressure to hold fabrics can be kept at the same level during auto-cutting.

All the necessary motion status can be accumulated in the system as the report, and technician can grasp the machine condition clearly by checking the reports.


Max. cutting height 50mm 70mm 90mm
Width of cutting area 1600mm/1800mm/2000mm/2200mm
Length of cutting area 2000mm/3000mm
Cutting method Knife reciprocation
Cutting speed Cutting 1~50m/min  Dry haul 1~60m/min
Drill No.1 drill (Marking drill:Φ1.5~3.0mm)
Knife sharpening Sharpening belt
Vacuum method Blower motor with inverter control
Cutting conveyor Nylon bristles
Sefety stop device sensor recognition
Power AC200V/AC380V 3-phase
PC for operation Universal PC, OS:Windows7
Display 20inches, LCD
Data entry media LAN, USB Memory
Data format GBR/NC
Language Japanese/English/Chinese/Vietnamese
Air supply 0.5Mpa、70NL/min
Sound 75db
Weight 2500kg-3200kg


  • Knife width auto measurement sensors
  • Auto cutting speed control
  • Movable PC monitor/operation
  • Recovering sheet
  • Marking drill
  • Conveyor cleaning device
  • Exhaust air silencer
  • Built in UPS
  • Safety stop device, sensor type
  • Optional stop for matching


  • Cut sequence/Cutting direction/Start point amendment
  • Making additional points of Over-cut/Heel-cut
  • Notch edit
  • Auto material edge cut
  • Others


  • Punch drill unitーMultiple 2/3/4 drill puncher
  • Long/Short conveyor
  • Knife cooler
  • Traverse system
  • Knife stress cancelling
  • Signal tower
  • Barcode reader
  • Optional stop with CCD camera
  • Projector system for Pattern matching

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