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The 3 in 1 Overlock & Safety Stitch Machines Series with Top and Bottom Feeders with the Perfect Path to Feed Fabric Securely that Offers High Speed, Stain Free Dry Finish and Higher Durability.

Yamato AZF8000SD-8 & AZF8500SD-8 series realize high productivity by high speed operation, high quality garment by stain-free dry finish and long lifetime machines, thanks to Yamato’s signature “Speed + Dry” Technology (a.k.a. SD Technology).

Yamato AZF8000SD-8 & AZF8500SD-8 series are the 3 in 1 overlock and safety stitch machine series that offers high speed, stain free dry finish and higher durability.
Upper and lower feed dogs make the perfect path to feed the fabric securely. They eliminate damages on light or delicate fabrics, without plyshifts even on all fabrics hard to feed. Also, curved sewing operations can be easily done.

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