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Semi-dry head, Cylinder-bed, Bottom Coverstitch Machine with digital type top feed/For hemming
MF-7900DRH24 Series

This sewing machine is best-suited to hemming of T-shirts and polo shirts.
This mechanism prevents problems, such as twist of fabric, uneven material feed, skew of grain and stitch gathering on multi-layered sections of material,which are likely to occur when sewing elastic materials, thereby achieving stable seam quality.
The digital type top feed mechanism smoothly and consistently feeds the material straight, thereby preventing wobbling of the material.In comparison with the differential top and bottom feed mechanism, the top feed mechanism does not leave damages and marks on the material even when a light-weight material is used.

Model name MF-7912DRH24 MF-7913DRH24
Stitch type Semi-dry head
2-needle bottom covering stitch
Semi-dry head
3-needle bottom covering stitch
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min
Feed mechanism Digital type top feed
Stitch length 0.9~3.6mm
Presser-bar air pressure change-over switch Push button method
Needle UY128GAS #9S~#12S(#10S)

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